An increasing number of companies, not just the big ones, maintain intensive international contacts.

Verbal and written communication plays a very important role in this respect. In many cases one cannot afford to make mistakes and communication must be perfect.

Errors in a folder, the calling card of a business, immediately create a negative image and often block the development of the market. A misunderstanding during contract negotiations may have far-reaching consequences. Multi-lingual conferences or meetings are unthinkable without interpreters, etc.

As no company has all these specialised disciplines in-house, the professional language service of AVOC is called in more and more often.

AVOC, after all, stands for quality, speed and reliability.

The AVOC language service is comprised of three activities:

-          translation services

-          interpretation services

-          text and language help


AVOC translates to and from any desired language, applying a number of professional criteria:

-          translators translate exclusively to their native language

-          specialised translators per field of activity

-          checking and revision prior to delivery

-          punctual delivery through accurate planning

-          sworn translators for official documents

-          use of modern technical translation aids


For conferences, meetings, seminars, etc. AVOC provides:

-          professional and specialised conference interpreters

-          wireless interpretation systems

-          experienced conversation interpreters

-          assistance with telephone calls to foreign countries

Text and Language Assistance

Increasingly high demands are imposed on the quality of written texts. Not only in foreign languages, but certainly also in Dutch. Businesses, institutions and private persons appear to have an increasing need for linguistic support.

Within this framework AVOC offers:

-          assistance in writing speeches, curriculums and texts to be published;

-          checking articles and reports for stylistic and spelling errors;

-          training courses to improve writing skills.